I was tuning in to my own late night dial when I ran across this crew of creative tune-sters. No anesthetized feelings here. Just some of the melodic magic they deliver regularly. 

Imagine being a band rejected by a major label for sounding ‘too Beatles.” What?! But that was Geffen’s excuse for not signing The Lund Bros. after initially financing some recordings in 1990s. Well the late Beatles influences remain despite the years, plastered all over their newest recording Across State Lines. The album puts acoustic guitar and blood harmonies at the forefront of the songs, while still delivering the band’s distinctive ‘heavy pop’ sound. This combo is most striking on the lovely and haunting “The Front Lines.” Or check out how “Living is Easy” opens with stripped down acoustic guitar and vocals only to break out a bigger sound in the chorus and instrumental break. “Love U” delivers some solo Lennonesque twists in the song structure and melody while “Killin’ Me” is more Lennon in White Album mode. The songs sometimes feel very Ten Years After with their combination of live sounding vocals and acoustic guitar intros and interludes e.g. “Harder They Fall” and “Red, Blue and Gold.” There’s a country rock vibe on “Want Your Money” and it’s also got a hit-it-out-the-park chorus. Turning to should-be hits, the two obvious singles for me are “Bender” and “Flyin’,” the latter combining some Cars-like guitar shots and a Beatles-worthy chorus. Across State Lines marks a triumphant return for The Lund Bros. Definitely worth that trip to the border.





Chris Lund: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys

Sean Lund: Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Bass

Keven Tone:  Bass

 The New Studio Record  is Here!   Across State lines is available via download or pre-order discounted CD!

"I just finished listening to the album on BandCamp and I concur; it is not only the best since 2002, but it may well become one of my favorite albums by any band/group. Everyone of the tracks is a winner. Not one bad one in the whole bunch. You struck gold! This is quite an achievement. 


-Steven Depuyt  





Lund Brothers “Across State Lines” 

The hard-rocking brothers Chris and Sean Lund have entertained fans for over 40 years with their brand of melodic guitar rock. It’s been a few years, but the new album Across State Lines continues the tradition. Opening with “Flyin” it boasts the chord shifts and harmonies that have wow’ed many, and fans of early 80’s rock bands (like 38 Special and Zebra) and power pop classic influences (Big Star, Beatles) will enjoy this as well. But keep in mind, most of this album is mid-tempo ballads. Explore earlier LPs for harder rock. 

“Red, Blue, and Gold” and “Killin Me” are timely standouts, especially the latter tune about the frustrations of technology. “Love U” is another one, with those sweeping riffs and echoing verses, and the self-promoting “Want Your Money” has some of that Big Star DNA, as they sing “we know what it takes to make a hit.” While other songs aren’t that strong, there are enough tracks here to make this an album that deserves your attention. Check it out.