Chris Lund: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys

Sean Lund: Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Bass

Keven Tone:  Bass

The Pacific NW's Lords of Power Pop and Rock and Roll.  This site is dedicated primarily to the vast output of material that Lund Bros have created over the last 25 years.  The band has much pride regarding their highly prolific output of an immense body of music.  Namely, ten records to this date have been released by the brothers.  The next and 11th record is already well along the way and is due out in summer/fall 2019. 

This is not a site dedicated merely to sitting on laurels, but rather a continuing document of musical endeavors which are ongoing.  

Lund Bros have been in large part a recording band rather than a live band over the period from 2012 to the present, but stay tuned for live upcoming live show dates!