Lund Bros

Upcoming Sounds/Projects

Coming off the highly successful release of the 6th Lund Bros record, Sanguine and the even more recent Great Event Syndrome, I've been working on several projects at my home studio which will hopefully see the light of day and become albums/records over the next year or so.  

I'm combing through some pretty darn good live shows (full-on electric sets) that we did at the Crocodile Café, High Dive, EMP, the now-defunct Java Jump and several Olympia venues which are all worthy of being album material.  This was our busiest live period and the band is really hitting on all cylinders.  It is a shame that none of those live recordings have seen the light of day - probably a double album here!

I'm also going to put together one or several "unplugged" live record.  These will reflect possibly one of the band's best periods, consisting of material from gigs done in the late 90s and early 2000s.  I know a lot of long time fans will enjoy this one as will folks who are newer to the band and never saw our unplugged sets.  This was at the  height of the MTV unplugged era and the shows were very well-received with the band's vocal harmonies being compared to the likes of Lennon/McCartney - no kidding!