Lund Bros / Lords of Heavy Pop

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by Lund Bros

Released 2004
Released 2004
Classic power pop, crunch guitars and lush vocals
In the tradition of Rock and Roll brotherhood, Lund Bros. features the combined talents of Chris and Sean Lund. Think Ray and Dave Davies of the Kinks or Eddie and Alex Van Halen in terms of brotherly rapport. Their latest creation, Lund Bros' "Tangents", exemplfies their modern rock and pop sensibilites and songwriting while revealing an affinity for the glorified rock and pop of the past. The band consists of Chris on guitar and Sean on drums. They split vocal duties, with Chris also playing piano and Sean also playing guitar.

The Lund Bros. specialize in songwriting smarts, colorful, catchy hooks, full-tilting melodies and suitcases of happy, memorable, repeat-worthy pop hooks at every turn. What's incredible value with 2 CDs at the price of one!