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Great Event Syndrome

by Chris Lund

Released 2017
Released 2017
New hook-based rock and roll inspired by the likes of the Beatles, Big Star, Boston, the Raspberries and Queen to name a few.
Great Event Syndrome is a new release from Chris Lund, who wrote all songs and arranged, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered the record in it's entirety in his home studio. Chris is perhaps best known for his work with Lund Bros -a highly respected Rock/Pop band formed by he and his brother who have released six full-length records over the last two decades.

Here, one may detect no shortage of inspiration from British rock style artists such as the Beatles, Cheap Trick, the Hollies, Big Star, Queen, or the Raspberries. There is also a nod here to purveyors of mid-tempo Americana style rock such as the Eagles and some early Boston.

If you have ever enjoyed music such as the aforementioned, you should find this record highly satisfying and it is likely to grow on you with repeated listening.

To top all this off, fans of Lund Bros should find Great Event Syndrome enjoyable, too!