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The Demon Remaster Series is releasing 2 records crucial to Lund Bros' fans and lovers of original British influenced Rock and Roll.  Both are from the "Loser" era and include the band's very first unreleased recordings from the original mix files. 

1) "Loser" 1993-97' Remasters and Rarities:  15 tracks of mostly unreleased songs and mixes including the remastered and revamped "Loser" era Geffen Spec recordings.  

2) "Loser" Live and Unplugged:  An incredibly intimate night with the band doing their reverently hailed and sublime acoustic set.  They come across even in their early days as the 21st century answer to the the likes of the Byrds, Beatles, and Hollies.  

Both records are due out next week (2nd week in February) so stay tuned!


Back cover of Demon Rmasters

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