Lund Bros


Chris Lund: Vocals, Guitars, Keys

Sean Lund: Vocals, Drums, Guitar

Gwon Chang:  Bass, vocals

This site is dedicated to my personal history which, by necessity, must include that vast output of material that my brother, Sean and I have created over the last two decades.  My pride regarding said output is immense and I would be remiss not to focus most of my attention on this prolific output.  

At the same time, this site focuses on my history and my personal take on the past two decades and more - going back as far as the 1980s.  Thusly, in addition to any upcoming Lund Bros recordings, I will be adding photos, videos, and recordings of other bands I have been in and any solo material and demos I may want to share now and in the future.   

And lastly, this is not a site dedicated merely to sitting one's laurels, but rather a continuing document of musical endeavors which are ongoing.  Though Lund Bros have become more of a recording band than a live band over these past several years, I spend easily as much or more time now on music creation than at just about any other time in my life.

-thanks to my band-mates, my family, and to all those who have believed in and supported my musical vision over these past three and a half decades!