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Tacoma's Elk Club Mcmenamins feature Lund Bros with special guests, Wish Machine and Gavin Guss! 

Doors open at 6:00 with the show starting at 7:00.

$5 cover

Don't miss this President's Day Holiday show!  Contact Mcmenamins for more details. 

Chris and Sean are pleased to announce that the band is playing live again, after only a handful of public performances over the last decade.  The first shows will return to Earth, heavily leaning on songs off the band's Trilogy of early records, Loser, International Pop Overthrow, and Tangents. 


They have enlisted the services of one of Chris' former long-time guitar students on bass guitar.  Hailing from the West End of Tacoma in the State of Washington is Keven Tone, who comes as a fan of the band's records, obtained in his days as Chris' student in the first decade of the 2000's.   

Show dates are currently being booked and will be announced over the next few days. 

The band also welcomes clubs or private individuals who would like to book the group to contact their Fan Club on Facebook.





With some degree of disappointment, only three of last years anticipated shows came to fruition due to the inactive status of Gwon (bass).  He is officially on "inactive status" due to his dedication to playing with Stereo Embers (from Seattle), who play many gigs and are closer to his home.  Chris and Sean wish him the best and will have to get up the Freeway North and catch a show sometime. 

Listen and get the new record here!  Unreleased and rare tracks form the band's earliest recording session, including the Geffen Spec sessions!

The Demon Remaster Series is releasing 2 records crucial to Lund Bros' fans and lovers of original British influenced Rock and Roll.  Both are from the "Loser" era and include the band's very first unreleased recordings from the original mix files. 

1) "Loser" 1993-97' Remasters and Rarities:  15 tracks of mostly unreleased songs and mixes including the remastered and revamped "Loser" era Geffen Spec recordings.  

2) "Loser" Live and Unplugged:  An incredibly intimate night with the band doing their reverently hailed and sublime acoustic set.  They come across even in their early days as the 21st century answer to the the likes of the Byrds, Beatles, and Hollies.  

Both records are due out next week (2nd week in February) so stay tuned!


Back cover of Demon Rmasters

The Lund Bros new live album is here!  The Lund Bros' historic live set at Seattle's Experience Music Project (EMP) is a real cooker and shows that the band can put across their polished studio recordings live and in person with maximum impact.  In the great rock "live album" tradition, this captures the band with no frills as a stripped down power trio and it just frickin' ROCKS!  For that reason it may be their best record yet!  -  

Big Big news!

Though Lund Bros have been in large part a recording band rather than a live band over the five year period from 2012 to 2018 and were highly productive in this capacity having released two full-length records - Sanguine and Great Event Syndrome  - we realize fans would like to see the band live again - some of you having made this painfully clear!  Alright already! we heard you!

THUS: Sean and I have commenced rehearsals at Demon Studios for a live show including material off both of our latest records, which have never had the benefit of live CD release parties.  These songs are proving to register high on the rock meter and be really potent in the live power trio format.  These rehearsals have included a pool of at least 30 or so songs, reflecting our entire catalog, even going back as far as the Loving Cup era.  In short, we are running through of a lot of old faves that haven't seen daylight in a very long time.  This seems most appropriate given that it's the 20th Anniversary of the release of the Loser record.  As a result, there are going to be quite a few off of that one and perhaps even some stuff earlier than that.  There may be some surprises.

Once we decide on which 12- 15 of these rehearsed songs rise to the top for a live set, a bassist (hopefully Gwon, who has continued to play live with several other prominent NW bands during the Bros' studio hermitage) will soon be joining us to prepare for live shows to be booked in late summer and fall of this year.  These rehearsals have proved to be incredibly exciting after a six-year hiatus from live performance!  Interestingly, there seems to be a naturally evolving tendency at these rehearsal to play things a bit more raw, free-form, and bluesy, sometimes taking the songs off onto some very interesting tangents (no pun intended).  

Stay tuned (or at least a half step flat) and thanks for waiting!

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